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The Formula To Harness Your Strengths

The formula to harness your strengths is depicted by this graphic of a sign post with a green forward arrow highlighting strengths

Who I knew the formula to harness your strengths would help you keep on top of your garden? To say nothing of reducing your stress levels and falling in love with your garden!

The formula to harness your strengths and delegate your weaknesses materialised by my own observations. As an illustration, I notice what my clients enjoyed the most and they disliked doing in the garden. Equally as important the second step was allowing the recognition and trade off to delegate!

When it comes to taking your garden to the next level this is one sure way of moving forwards. Additionally, harnessing your strengths and delegating your weaknesses will get you results faster. You may not think of having a large set of gardening skills. In contrast, you  have more weaknesses than you might want to write down!  With this in mind harness your strengths and delegate your weaknesses are one of the first steps to take.

An illustrated drawing of two thumbs up. I this case it's green thumbs up for what you like and red thumbs down for what you dislike bout gardening.

The real truth

The real truth is we all have strengths and weaknesses. It’s by acknowledging that it can move us forward, not only when gardening but in life also.

In the background, as a woman working in a predominantly male environment, I never felt like I had to prove anything. However, there were female colleagues who felt they had something to prove. It is important to realise letting go from having to prove YOURSELF or not,  can be very revealing to your personality.

If you don’t like gardening in a particular way then don’t do it, change your gardening style. Since, gardening is all about enjoying your time outdoors, soaking up the fresh air, and recharging our wellbeing! When you acknowledge your weaknesses, you can delegate the right tasks and enjoy playing into your strengths. Together with giving your mental health a big boost at the same time!

What you should delegate in a black label with the exact words written on it and being held up in someone's hand.

The formula to harness your strengths starts with your list

Most gardeners love deadheading, its relaxing and certainly rewarding. Everybody knows weeding can be a back breaking job! First thing to remember, start by making a list of what you enjoy and what you are good at, as can be seen by clicking the link.

I recently came across this article 5 Ways to Harness Our Strengths and Use it to Our Advantage. The author makes 5 points on harnessing your strengths by focusing on what you are good at. I bet that’s made you feel good, it’s all about your strengths!

Now make a list of what you don’t enjoy or what you are not good at. As simple as it sounds, this is a great exercise to do, although this may be a challenge to you. Writing everything down on paper clears your head of those trivial things that hide in the corners of your mind. Furthermore, the joys you may have forgotten can rekindle your enthusiasm too!

You have now discovered the formula to harness your strengths

If you have completed the exercise and have created your list, that’s great! Similarly, no worries this is about what works for you.  You, have discovered what you need to delegate out and who you can delegate those tasks to. Consider beginning by asking your family members. What would they be interested in doing for you?

By sitting down and exploring the task you want to delegate will free up your time. Then you can enjoy your time outside rather than feeling like it is a chore. Everybody knows there what tasks nobody wants to do. When you have named them look to employing a gardener who can fill those gaps.

Surely you would agree that when you do the things you enjoy then life is so much happier. So, take a step forward and harness your strengths. Look to delegate your weaknesses this is one of the ways you will take your garden to the next level.

Happy gardening, Kristian

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