How To Unmask Your Garden Style And Be A Winner!

How to unmask you garden style.A garden gate with a sign reading experimental dandelion farm with pink bergamot flowers in the foreground

Did you know your garden style is guided by your personality?

Have you every wondered why you like one style of gardening more than another? I was curious too, then I got it! In this article we will explore how to unmask your garden style and be a winner. 

At first, I hadn’t link our personalities and why certain garden styles makes us happy.
I began to recognise each client liked different elements in their gardens. Some clients liked formal styles whilst others liked informal styles, and it didn’t stop there.

Stainless steel sculpture sphere in the garden is another way you can unmask your garden style.
Photo Kristian Hickson-Booth

Some clients like sculpture and features in their garden whilst others just enjoyed the plants and flowers. In the same way, the levels of details also varied some had more plants and some had less plants in their borders.

I then began to be more conscious of the home interior and the outside garden. Not all gardens reflected the rooms in the house, and I wondered why?

Two things struck me. We have more confidence putting furniture and fabrics together, and our personality shines. So how does this relate on how to unmask your garden style you may be wondering?

How to unmask your garden style, my conclusion.

Unless you grew up gardening, lived in a house with a garden as a child or your grandparents loved gardening. It is more likely anything you have done in your garden has been by trial or error. Have you been going along with the flow of influences that pop up in front of your eyes?

The classic example being, visiting a garden centre being struck by a delightful looking plant. Like a child in a candy store you cannot resist buying a plant. Arriving home then pondering and wondering where you can plant it!

A flower border with gaps in for planting out. This is a classic on how to unmask your garden style
Know before you buy your plants what will work best in your gaps

After buying your plant, what happens next, you pop it in the ground wherever there is a gap. This is a big mistake, as a plant in the wrong place is likely to fail. Along with your disappointment when you plant disappears among the other plants. 

Two things have happened which rarely happen with your interior furnishings. Firstly, going on impulse with lack of either knowledge or confidence and secondly is not recognising that you keep doing this time and time again. That is buying on impulse and not cross referencing what your style is.

This leads you to the point being unfulfilled by your gardening efforts. The knock on effect is a downward spiral of telling yourself you are no good at gardening.  Above all, with a little more understanding you can unmask your gardening style. 

How to unmask your garden style is one of those fundamental keys even if you enjoy little fairy houses in your garden, like the one in this image.
David Gonzales - Pexels

Let’s go back inside your home for a minute.

Let’s take a lamp for example. You will know within seconds if it will work in the room. You might admire it and enjoy it in the shop but that doesn’t mean you are going to buy it. This is part of your personality at play. You know your house is fully furnished and you know it does not require any additional items.

So what happens when we go to a garden centre or nursery? We are enchanted by delightful colours, fragrances, shapes, or the way a plant feels. We become someone different, maybe a little out of control especially, if you are a ;over of plants! 

Our resistances plummets to almost zero, our checks and controls are thrown to the wind and another part of our personality kicks in … let’s call it the magpie awakens….

A Magpie sitting on a branch
Photo by shravan khare from Pexels

Quietening the magpie.

I don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm at this stage far from it but I do want you to be more conscious when you are surrounded by plants especially those which are for sale!

Feel free to enthuse, admire and enjoy a new plant you come across then stop, listen and think!

Does this fit my style?
Is this plant formal or informal?
Does the colour fit with my scheme?
Do I have a place where it can thrive and work well with its companion plants in my garden border?

By answering these questions you will know if this is a plant that is coming home. Or if it’s best to stay at the nursery for some else to enjoy.

 This is a great checker to help you know if you have the right plant for the right place. Does it really work for you or whether your magpie awakened for a brief moment!

When you begin to apply these checks you begin to find your confidence which brings more of your personality out and as this increases your style will change and evolve. The more you enjoy the process and your garden, the more you will also lift your mental health and well-being. It is a fact that the more you garden the happier you become, and I certainly feel it is connected to your personality and how this can be expressed by the way you garden.

How to unmask your garden style is part of a series of articles from my cornerstone post Taking Your Garden To The Next Level. If you enjoyed this why not click the link and take your garden to the next level.

I believe in you, and I know you can take your garden to the next level.

Happy Gardening