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Gardening Gloves for Ladies

Gardening gloves for ladies can be difficult to find. The image is showing a pair of ladies floral canvas gardening gloves displayed on a gardening table.

Are You Still Looking for the Right Pair of Gardening Gloves for Ladies?

Gardening gloves for ladies can be a game of hit and miss. Have you ever bought a pair of gardening gloves and thought, these are the ones? Then you put them on and darn they don’t fit!

Broadly speaking, us lady gardeners, have had this experience at one point in our journey. Sometimes cheap and cheerful are just what we need but maybe not be suitable when gardening.

For this purpose, gloves for outdoor use require quality and durability.

Moreover, a pregnant gardener, will need protection from bacteria in the soil. In addition, you may want to see my article Gardening While Pregnant and how to protect yourself.

For the fashion conscious, ladies gardening gloves come in floral patterns and slimline styles so you can still look trendy.

It is important before we go further; have you ever measured your hand to see what your actual hand size is?

When it comes to gardening gloves for ladies it helps to measure your hand. The image depicts how to measure your hand to get the right glove size.
Exemplary Gardens have produced a superb guide that is easy to use for measuring your glove size.

In Two Simple Steps you can measure your hand size

In two simple steps you can measure your hand size.

Measure around your dominant hand just below the knuckles, excluding the thumb.

Then pick the glove size that is closest to your measurement.

Extra Small – 6.5-7 inches, Small – 7.5-8 inches, Medium 8.5-9 inches, large 9.5-10 inches and extra-large 10.5-11 inches.

Now you know what hand size you are, let’s look at gardening gloves for those hands!

Multi pack of gardening gloves in a floral design from Sarah Raven

If you’re looking for a casual pair of light weight gardening gloves these serve just to keep your hands clean. Generally made of fabric, and often less durable if used too often. I am not aware of any light weight gloves being waterproof or thorn proof. They can be worn for general gardening tasks.

If your gloves get wet, have another pair readily available. This can be a bonus and having a multipack also enables you to have a different pair for different tasks.

Gardening gloves for ladies with a Snug fit.

Sometimes we require gloves to fit our fingers and hands snuggly. A certain amount of dexterity is needed for various tasks. It’s helpful when tying in climbers during the winter months, planting out perennials or potting up young plants.

The Showa Floreo 370 is a multi-purpose snug fitting glove that can be washed if needed.

When I asked my gardening group what gloves they would recommend, Gill replied.

“Showa, they are the best gloves I have ever had and wouldn’t garden without them.” Gill Capeling

We all want comfort and warmth in our gardening gloves, right?

Most lady gardeners want to have warm, comfortable gloves especially on chilly days.

The Gold Leaf Dry Touch gardening glove is the perfect partner for comfort. With the special membrane to keep your hands warm and dry on freezing days.

A pair of Ladies Gold Leaf Dry Touch gloves laid on a bed of bark chips. Wearing these gloves is like putting on a cosy pair of slippers.

Once you try the Dry Touch ladies gardening gloves on you will not want to take them off. This fully lined glove is like wearing slippers on your hands!

Waterproof Gardening Gloves for ladies

For countless gardeners’, waterproof ladies gardening gloves are invaluable especially during the winter months.

Working in the garden on wet days can quickly soak gloves, exposing the wearer to cold wet hands.

Various lightweight gardening gloves come with a nitrile or latex palm, supplying a level of waterproofing. To be fully waterproof the coating needs to cover the whole exterior of the glove, look out for that!

Threadstone ladies gardening gloves with a bamboo fabric upper hand and a rubber palm for thickness and waterproof protection. They come in blue and cream two tone colours.
The Clip On feature for these gloves make it handy to store on your clothing when not in use.

The Treadstone Clip Glove brand offers a seamless waterproof glove. Having a double latex layer over the whole glove making this a strong contender for a when working in wet weather.

This type of gardening glove is now popular in the marketplace.

Sometimes thorn proof gardening gloves are needed!

From time to time, you may find yourself pruning plants that have sharp thorns or prickly foliage. Despite this, nobody likes getting a thorn in their finger!

The best form of thorn proof gloves in my experience are those made from leather with an added liner. Consider the factors for breathability, comfort and added warmth, it will be worth it.

I have been wearing this type of gardening glove throughout my career and they would be my top choice. 

Having small hands can be frustrating when buying gardening gloves for ladies

Having a small hand can be frustrating when finding gloves to fit. They mainly tend to be unisex and start from a medium size and upwards. It is not always that easy to find the right pair.

Two hands cupped together showing the ladies Gold Leaf Winter touch gloves.
The ladies Gold Leaf Winter Touch gloves

This is why if you have a smaller hand, it’s worth going the extra mile for a pair. The Gold Leaf Winter Gardening Gloves fit as they are meant to and the only brand to be endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. I had been wanting a pair these gloves and when I finally bought a pair, I was not disappointed in them.

Blisters, hand fatigue and calluses no more!

Most gardeners have calluses, get hand fatigue or the occasional blister when doing a repetitive task.

Although, the term ‘Grip Relief’ is associated to a brand of gardening gloves, to give the wearer hand relief.

For this purpose, the Grip Relief ladies gardening gloves have been specifically designed by an orthopaedic hand surgeon. I found their information on the Anatomical Relief Pad Systems fascinating.

The Bionic Relief Grip Gloves in the image are prefect when you are spending time on one task for a long period of time.
The Bionic Relief Grip Gloves for ladies

I asked Joy, one of my clients, to give a review for these gloves.

If you’re looking for a top-class ladies gardening gloves, then you won’t be disappointed to invest in a pair of these. I will be investing in a pair for myself!

“These are exceptionally strong and comfortable gardening gloves. They keep the damp out and protect hands and fingers, while being extremely easy to work in. Compared to other gloves, which are either too thin with little protection, or too thick making them impossible to use for gardening tasks. I wear mine for most outdoor jobs and as a result they also saved two fingers from amputation in an accident.” Joy Fox

Gardening gloves for ladies, my conclusion

All things considered you may have to sample a variety of gloves to find your perfect fit. More importantly, like Gill and Joy, you will most likely stick to what works best for you forever.

Happy gardening, Kristian

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