Inside the Gardening School

Are you at the point of your garden journey where you know your garden needs more? Do you feel you have reach the end of your skill set and want to learn more? 

Here at Garden Like A Master we are ready and waiting to help you take YOU & YOUR Garden to the next level.


Happy gardening, Kristian

Zoom Events 2023

Do you enjoy learning from the comfort of your own home? Our Zoom events are just for you! As a Seedling Member, you can attend our events absolutely FREE. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with like minded gardeners, and gain some new insights. Sign up for your Seedling membership today and start Taking you and Your Garden to the Next Level.

I had the honour to be mentored by the Welsh Wizard ‘Jimmy Hancock’ for twenty six years. Learning his invaluable ideas, philosophy and gardening skills. Discover the insights of the Welsh Wizard Jimmy Hancock on transforming  a rundown unknown garden into a world renowned masterpiece, Powis Castle Gardens, Welshpool.

Learn With Kristian

Taking your garden to the next level could be by attending a practical hot to workshop. A group of keen amateur gardeners being given instruction. When you learn with a mentor your confidence is given a boost.
Participants at one of the Garden Like A Master Workshops.

Practical 'Hands On' Workshop Days

Our practical garden workshops are a ‘Hands On’ experience. We are just in the process of finalising the schedule and dates. Become a member for FREE to be notified when the dates are launched.

Personalised 'Hands On' Workshop Days

Book your personalised workshop in your own garden. This is a tailored mentoring session for you and up to 5 other friends. For more details on this service please contact Kristian here.