Gardening with a South Facing Aspect

Evening sun bursting through a perennial flower border

As a beginner gardener it can be easy to just think of a south facing garden as the one that gets the most sun! Having a south facing garden can prove just as challenging as any other aspect, especially for a beginner.

How Composting Changed My Garden Philosophy

How composting changed my philosophy started with this pile of farmyard manure!

In this article I share my own personal experience on how composting changed my garden philosophy. I recommend composting and mulching to all of my clients who want to improve their soils. By doing this you will grow stronger and healthier plants.

The Formula To Harness Your Strengths

The formula to harness your strengths is depicted by this graphic of a sign post with a green forward arrow highlighting strengths

Who would think that the formula to harness your strengths would help you keep on top of your garden? In this article I share with my readers how discovering your strengths can reframe your whole take on gardening at home.

How To Unmask Your Garden Style and Be a Winner!

How to unmask you garden style. A garden gate with a sign reading experimental dandelion farm with pink bergamot flowers in the foreground

How to unmask your garden style is here to help you with the I wonder why? questions. If you haven’t quite found your style or you know there is still something missing then this could be the solution!

Gardening Gloves For Ladies

Gardening gloves for ladies can be difficult to find. The image is showing a pair of ladies floral canvas gardening gloves displayed on a gardening table.

As a lady gardener I have always been challenged by gardening gloves. With this in mind, I explored the world of gardening gloves for ladies.

Gardening While Pregnant and How to Do It Safely!

Gardening while pregnant and how to do it safely is to be taken seriously. The image shows a pregnant woman's tummy with a drawn childlike illustration of safari animals under a tree.

When writing this blog, I drew upon the experiences of other women who had gardened through their pregnancies. The essence of the content is let your body do the talking. There are times when delegating a task to two is beneficial for you and your baby.