Vegetable Growing in January: A Beginner’s Guide

January Guide to Tasks in the Vegetable Garden. The image shows a selection of winter vegetables arranged in the snow. The vegetables include cabbage, potatoes, Romanesque style cauliflower.

Step into the enchanting world of winter gardening with our blog, “Vegetable Growing in January: A Beginner’s Guide to Fruit and Vegetable Growing in January.” Discover the joy of harvesting parsnips and leeks, protecting your garden with fleece, and shaping fruit trees into elegant goblets. This guide is an invitation to embrace the quiet months, turning them into a canvas for your growing skills. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner, “Thriving Gardens” beckons you to join the winter gardening adventure. Don’t miss out—your garden is calling, and the wonders of January await your green touch. Read on and let your gardening journey flourish!

January Gardening Guide: Kickstart Your Growing Season

January gardening guide the image shows a rose garden enclosed with a box hedge that has been touched by the winter frost.

Discover essential gardening tasks for January in our latest blog post. From cleaning pots and tools to planning your garden layout, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to protect your plants from winter weather, attract wildlife to your garden, and prune various plants for healthy growth. Find out the best practices for maintaining your vegetable and fruit gardens during this quiet month. We also share valuable tips for looking after your lawn and tackling other garden tasks. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our comprehensive guide will help you kickstart the growing season and achieve a bountiful garden. Don’t miss out!

Your Garden in December: Creating a Winter Wonderland

Create a captivating winter wonderland in your garden with our December gardening guide. Discover essential tips for pruning dormant plants, maintaining your lawn, and caring for your ponds during this serene season. Learn how to use tools like The Gark garden lawn rake and electric blowers to keep your lawn debris-free. Explore the importance of covering ponds with netting and removing filters and pumps to protect them from freezing temperatures. Don’t forget to provide bird food to attract winter birds and enjoy their presence in your garden. Embrace the beauty of winter and nurture your outdoor space with our expert advice.

November Tasks To Getting Your Garden Winter-Ready

Essential November tasks blog is to help you get your garden ready for the months ahead. The image shows a garden covered with an autumnal frost. There are trees without leaves and this is a key month for those essential garden tasks like collecting in your fallen leaves.

Discover essential November tasks to prepare your garden for winter and ensure a vibrant outdoor space all season long. From insulating outdoor containers and protecting plants to maintaining your lawn and greenhouse, this comprehensive guide has you covered. Learn expert tips on raising pots, attracting birds, pruning roses, storing tubers, and more. With practical advice and insights, you’ll navigate the transition from autumn to winter with confidence. Don’t miss out on creating a resilient and thriving garden during the colder months. Dive into our conversational blog and get ready to embrace the beauty of the changing seasons in your own backyard.

October Garden Guide: Nurture your garden for a vibrant spring

Our October garden guide is sharing tasks that can be carried out this month. The images shows the evening sun bursting through a perennial flower border

Get ready to transform your garden into a vibrant spring paradise with our essential October gardening tasks. From sowing seeds and dividing perennials to planting bulbs and nurturing lawns, our informative blog provides valuable insights and expert tips for gardeners of all levels. Discover how to propagate sweet peas, care for ponds, and more. Unleash your green thumb and create a breath taking garden. Don’t miss out on the secrets to a flourishing garden next spring—click here to read the full blog and get inspired! Happy gardening!

Lawn Care for October: The Garden Guide:

Our October garden guide can help you Choose the correct seed mix for your lawn is important. The image shows a close up of fresh, lush grass blades.

Explore comprehensive October lawn care tips, from sowing grass seed to effective maintenance and essential treatments. Learn how to strengthen roots, prevent weed growth, and address compaction issues. Discover the benefits of scarification and the convenience of DIY methods.

Why a Garden Consultation is Essential

Why a garden consultation is essential to create your dream garden. This image shows Kristian receiving an Neighbourhood Award for the work she did at the Severn Hospice gardens in Shrewsbury.

Are you tired of looking at your lacklustre garden and dreaming of a lush oasis that you can enjoy? Do you want to create an outdoor space that not only looks stunning but also functions correctly? If you answered yes, then a garden consultation is the perfect solution for you! In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of a garden consultation and how it can help you achieve your dream garden. From identifying a clear direction to offering sound advice and empowering you to move forward with confidence, a garden consultation is an essential first step towards creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space. So why not take the first step towards your dream garden and read on?

Ideas for a North Facing Garden

Ideas for a North facing garden need not be bland, plain or boring. In this image we see a combination of a striking bold planting scheme of Aconitum's, Aruncus and Hellebores. The bold foliage of the hellebore, the white plumes of the Aruncus and the strong blue flower spikes of the Aconitum.

Most beginner gardener shudder at the thought of creating an interesting border in the shade. We do not see enough examples to enable gardeners to raise their confidence when growing plants in the shade. This article will give you ideas to lift your confidence and bring you joy!

North Facing Garden Checklist

A north facing garden is a challenge but with the right plants it can be a joy. This images shows a north facing terraced garden with lush green plants and a seating area.

Are you struggling to make the most of your North facing aspect? Do you want to bring your garden back to life and love it again? The garden ideas that are featured in this article are there to help you take your garden to the next level. Using this checklist will save you time and money.

Composting horse manure

Composting horse manure is a great opportunity for horse owners to recycle the stable waste. The image shows a chestnut horse in a field

Have you wondered if you can use horse manure in your compost or as a mulch? In this article we take a look at the best options when it comes to horse manure.