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April Gardening Tasks: Spring Showers Bring Blooms

Spring gardening tasks.The images shows a person holding a tray of young plants ready for planting.

April gardening tasks: Spring showers bring blooms

April gardening tasks can be a little bit daunting for the beginner garden. There are key tasks to be carried out and then you can have a go at others such as plant propagation.

As the earth is warmed by the sun and the days lengthen, April is marked as a crucial month for gardeners. We are eager to embrace the burgeoning spring season. In this comprehensive guide, you will be walked through the essential tasks that will ensure your garden flourishes. From propagating plants to cultivating a vibrant vegetable patch, you will learn about the key tasks this month. At this time, we are tending to garden borders, and giving your lawn the care and attention it needs as well.

April Gardening Tasks infographic depicting an overview of the tasks to do in the garden in April.

April Gardening Tasks: Plant Propagation

April provides an optimal environment for plants to be propagated, ensuring a lush and vibrant garden throughout the year. The top three ways to propagate during April are by plant division, cuttings, and seed sowing. Depending on the plants you wish to propagate will depend on the method you chose. Consider these techniques will give you an insight on which is your best choice:

Dividing Perennials

Take advantage of the early spring growth by dividing perennials like hostas and daylilies. This not only rejuvenates the plant but also gives you the opportunity to expand your garden.

April Gardening Tasks: Cuttings

Basal Cuttings

Basal cuttings are another effective method for propagating certain perennials, especially those with a clump-forming habit. This technique involves taking cuttings from the base of the plant, which often results in stronger and more vigorous new plants.

Softwood Cuttings

Many plants, such as herbs and ornamental shrubs, can be propagated from softwood cuttings in April. Ensure your tools are kept sharp and clean for optimal results.

April Gardening Tasks: Sowing Seeds Indoors

Seeds can be started indoors for plants that require a longer growing season, such as tomatoes and peppers. This ensures robust seedlings ready for transplanting when the weather is consistently warm.

April Gardening Task: Planting Vegetables

April marks the beginning of the growing season for various vegetables. Get your vegetable patch off to a great start with these options:

April gardening tasks also includes starting your vegetables. the image shows a collage of vegetables, carrots, radish, cabbage, Swiss chard, and pumpkin.

Cold season Vegetables

Embrace the cooler temperatures by planting vegetables like lettuce, spinach, peas, and radishes. These crops thrive in the milder weather of early spring.

Root Vegetables

April is an ideal time for root vegetables such as carrots, beets, and potatoes to be planted. Ensure well-drained soil to encourage healthy root development.

April Gardening Tasks: Herbs

Your herb garden can be started by sowing seeds or planting young plants. Basil, coriander, and dill are excellent choices that will flourish as the weather warms.

April Garden Tasks: Garden Borders

April gardening tasks may see one attending to tulips in bloom. The images shows a collection of multi-coloured tulips in flower

The garden borders are the frame for the masterpiece that is your garden. I am often in conversation with new clients who are looking to create mature borders. My response is that it will take time and for  Give them the attention they deserve with these essential tasks:

Weeding and Mulching

Remove weeds that may have sprouted and apply a layer of mulch to suppress new growth. Mulching also helps soil moisture retention and regulates soil temperature.

April Garden Tasks: Pruning and Shaping

When it comes to pruning the golden rule is to remove any dead, diseased or dying material first. Following on from that look at your stems and remove any crossing branches, spindly or weak growth next. Finally, you can them work on the remaining stems. The is an art and skill to pruning, often when plants are pruned incorrectly the wrong type of growth returns. I prefer to leave cutting back my penstemons until there is a significant amount of new growth shooting from the base. Likewise, I do the same for hardy fuchsia in the April as well. Although some fuchsias I treat as woody shrubs, such as fuchsia magellanica ‘Alba’. Shaping your plants refers to evergreen shrubs. This type of pruning encourages new healthy growth and characteristic shrubs defined by their pruning within the border.

Soil Enrichment

April is the last month for enriching your soil with organic matter. As your border plants grow and you spring bulbs come into flower, applying a mulch will be challenging as the month progresses. Compost or well-rotted manure can be worked into the soil to provide essential nutrients for your plants. However, my own method of leaving the mulch on the top of the soil works equally as well. This method saves time, and the mulch acts not only as a weed barrier but locks the surface moisture into the soil. Locking the moisture might come as a benefit, should the weather turn hot and dry.

Lawn aeration helps alleviate the lawn from compaction. The image shows a manual aerator being pushed into the lawn.

April Garden Tasks: Lawn Care

A lush, healthy lawn enhances the overall beauty of your garden. At the start of the season, one must not be too hasty lowering the heigtht of cut too soon. By lowering the heigtht of cut too soon, followed by a frost can shock the grass blades. This is a gradual process over  the next four weeks. Not to mention the frequency of cutting,  for it too must be gradually introduced. Racing along too fast too soon can put stress onto your emerging grass blades. Here’s how to care for your lawn in April:


If your lawn has compacted soil, it can be aerated to improve water and nutrient absorption. This is especially important if you have heavy foot traffic on your lawn.


The time to overseed your lawn area is when you have any bare or thinning patches. It is favourable to choose a grass seed mix that matches your existing lawn. This helps maintain a thick and resilient lawn.

Applying a Fertiliser

A balanced fertiliser can be applied to kickstart the growth of your grass. Choose a fertilizer with a higher nitrogen content to promote healthy greenery. It is important to apply any fertiliser during the optimum weather conditions to prevent lawn damage such as leave scorch. Always read the label on your products to aviod this form happening.

April Gardening Tasks: Conclusion

April is a bustling month in the garden, full of promise and potential. By propagating plants, planting vegetables, tending to garden borders, and caring for your lawn, the stage is set for a vibrant and thriving outdoor space. Embrace the beauty of the season and watch as your garden transforms into a haven of color and life.

Happy Gardening, Kristian

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